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Commonly portrayed as a raging savage, the Hulk has been represented with other personalities based on Banner's fractured psyche, from a mindless, destructive force, to a brilliant warrior, or genius scientist in his own right.

Despite both Hulk and Banner's desire for solitude, the character has a large supporting cast, including Banner's lover Betty Ross , his friend Rick Jones , his cousin She-Hulk , sons Hiro-Kala and Skaar , and his co-founders of the superhero team the Avengers.

However, his uncontrollable power has brought him into conflict with his fellow heroes and others. Lee stated that the Hulk's creation was inspired by a combination of Frankenstein and Dr.

He has two main catchphrases: One of the most iconic characters in popular culture, [4] [5] the character has appeared on a variety of merchandise, such as clothing and collectable items, inspired real-world structures such as theme park attractions , and been referenced in a number of media.

Banner and the Hulk have been adapted in live-action, animated, and video game incarnations. The most notable of these were the s The Incredible Hulk television series, in which the character was portrayed by Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno.

The character was first played in a live-action feature film by Eric Bana , with Edward Norton and Mark Ruffalo portraying the character in the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Lee cites influence from Frankenstein [8] and Dr. Hyde in the Hulk's creation:. It was patently apparent that [the monstrous character the] Thing was the most popular character in [Marvel's recently created superhero team the] Fantastic Four.

For a long time I'd been aware of the fact that people were more likely to favor someone who was less than perfect.

It's a safe bet that you remember Quasimodo , but how easily can you name any of the heroic, handsomer, more glamorous characters in The Hunchback of Notre Dame?

And then there's Frankenstein I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the Frankenstein monster. No one could ever convince me that he was the bad guy.

He never wanted to hurt anyone; he merely groped his torturous way through a second life trying to defend himself, trying to come to terms with those who sought to destroy him.

I decided I might as well borrow from Dr. Hyde as well—our protagonist would constantly change from his normal identity to his superhuman alter ego and back again.

Kirby, commenting upon his influences in drawing the character, recalled as inspiration the tale of a mother who rescues her child who is trapped beneath a car.

In the debut, Lee chose grey for the Hulk because he wanted a color that did not suggest any particular ethnic group. After seeing the first published issue, Lee chose to change the skin color to green.

An exception is the early trade paperback, Origins of Marvel Comics , from , which explains the difficulties in keeping the grey color consistent in a Stan Lee written prologue, and reprints the origin story keeping the grey coloration.

Since December , reprints of the first issue have displayed the original grey coloring, with the fictional canon specifying that the Hulk's skin had initially been grey.

Lee gave the Hulk's alter ego the alliterative name "Bruce Banner" because he found he had less difficulty remembering alliterative names.

Despite this, in later stories he misremembered the character's name and referred to him as " Bob Banner ", an error which readers quickly picked up on.

The Hulk's original series was canceled with issue 6 March Lee had written each story, with Kirby penciling the first five issues and Steve Ditko penciling and inking the sixth.

The character immediately guest-starred in The Fantastic Four 12 March , and months later became a founding member of the superhero team the Avengers , appearing in the first two issues of the team's eponymous series Sept.

Around this time, co-creator Kirby received a letter from a college dormitory stating the Hulk had been chosen as its official mascot. A year and a half after The Incredible Hulk was canceled, the Hulk became one of two features in Tales to Astonish , beginning in issue 60 Oct.

The Tales to Astonish run introduced the super-villains the Leader , [3] who would become the Hulk's nemesis, and the Abomination , another gamma-irradiated being.

Beginning with issue April the book was retitled The Incredible Hulk vol. Len Wein wrote the series from through , working first with Herb Trimpe , then, as of issue December , with Sal Buscema , who was the regular artist for ten years.

In , Marvel launched a second title, The Rampaging Hulk , a black-and-white comics magazine. In , two Hulk television films were aired to strong ratings, leading to an Incredible Hulk TV series which aired from to A huge ratings success, the series introduced the popular Hulk catchphrase , "Don't make me angry.

You wouldn't like me when I'm angry", and broadened the character's popularity from a niche comic book readership into the mainstream consciousness.

Bill Mantlo became the series' writer for five years beginning with issue March Mantlo's "Crossroads of Eternity" stories —, Oct. Later Hulk writers Peter David and Greg Pak have called these stories an influence on their approaches to the character.

He returned to the Roger Stern and Mantlo abuse storylines, expanding the damage caused, and depicting Banner as suffering dissociative identity disorder DID.

In , David killed off Banner's long-time love Betty Ross. Marvel executives used Ross' death as an opportunity to pursue the return of the Savage Hulk.

David disagreed, leading to his parting ways with Marvel. Hard Knocks 1—4 Nov. Peter David, who had initially signed a contract for the six-issue Tempest Fugit limited series, returned as writer when it was decided to make that story the first five parts of the revived volume three.

Writer Greg Pak took over the series in , leading the Hulk through several crossover storylines including " Planet Hulk " and " World War Hulk ", which left the Hulk temporarily incapacitated and replaced as the series' title character by the demigod Hercules in the retitled The Incredible Hercules Feb.

The Hulk returned periodically in Hulk , which then starred the new Red Hulk. During the experimental detonation of a gamma bomb, scientist Robert Bruce Banner saves teenager Rick Jones who has driven onto the testing field; Banner pushes Jones into a trench to save him, but is hit with the blast, absorbing massive amounts of gamma radiation.

He awakens later seemingly unscathed, but that night transforms into a lumbering grey form. A pursuing soldier dubs the creature a "hulk".

Banner was cured in The Incredible Hulk 4, but chose to restore Hulk's powers with Banner's intelligence. The gamma-ray machine needed to affect the transformation-induced side effects that made Banner temporarily sick and weak when returned to his normal state.

In The Avengers 1 September , the Hulk became a founding member of the title's eponymous superhero team. By The Avengers 3, overuse of the gamma ray machine rendered the Hulk as an uncontrollable, rampaging monster, subject to spontaneous changing.

The series established stress as the trigger for Banner turning into the Hulk and vice versa. Also, his memory, both long-term and short-term, would now become markedly impaired in his Hulk state.

Tales to Astonish 64 February was the last Hulk story to feature him speaking in complete sentences. In Tales to Astonish 77 March , Banner's and the Hulk's dual identity became publicly known when Rick Jones, mistakenly convinced that Banner was dead when he actually had been catapulted into the future , told Major Glenn Talbot , a rival to Banner for the affections of Betsy Ross, the truth.

Consequently, Glenn informed his superiors and that turned Banner into a wanted fugitive upon returning to the present. The Hulk helped to form the Defenders.

In the s, Banner once again gained control over the Hulk, [46] and gained amnesty for his past rampages; [47] however, due to the manipulations of supernatural character Nightmare , Banner eventually lost control over the Hulk.

In issue the grey Hulk persona "Joe Fixit" was introduced, a morally ambiguous Las Vegas enforcer and tough guy. Banner remained repressed in the Hulk's mind for months, but slowly began to reappear.

The s saw the Green Hulk return. Overcoming the trauma, the intelligent Banner, cunning Grey Hulk, and powerful Savage Hulk personalities merge into a new single entity possessing the traits of all three.

The Hulk also joined the Pantheon , a secretive organization of superpowered individuals. In , Banner and the three Hulks Savage Hulk, Grey Hulk, and the "Merged Hulk", now considered a separate personality and referred to as the Professor become able to mentally interact with one another, each personality taking over the shared body as Banner began to weaken due to his suffering from Lou Gehrig's disease.

During this, the four personalities including Banner confronted yet another submerged personality, a sadistic "Devil" intent on attacking the world and attempting to break out of Banner's fracturing psyche, but the Devil was eventually locked away again when the Leader was able to devise a cure for the disease using genes taken from the corpse of Brian Banner.

In , the Illuminati decide the Hulk is too dangerous to remain on Earth and send him away by rocket ship which crashes on Planet Sakaar ushering in the " Planet Hulk " storyline that saw the Hulk find allies in the Warbound , and marry alien queen Caiera , a relationship that was later revealed to have born him two sons: In the s, Hiro-Kala traveled to Earth to destroy the OldStrong Power wielded by Skaar, forcing Skaar and the Hulk to defeat and imprison him within his home planet.

During the Fear Itself storyline, the Hulk finds one of the Serpent 's magical hammers associated with the Worthy and becomes Nul: As he starts to transform, the Hulk tells the Red She-Hulk to run far away from him.

After defeating the Thing, Thor stated that he never could beat the Hulk, and instead removed him from the battle by launching him into Earth orbit, after which Thor collapsed from exhaustion.

Opposed by Dracula's forces, including a legion of monsters, Nul was seemingly unstoppable. Throwing aside the hammer, the Hulk regains control, and promptly leaves upon realizing "Betty's" true nature.

With the crisis concluded, the Hulk contacted Doctor Doom for help separating him and Banner for good in return for an unspecified favour. Doom proceeded to perform brain surgery on the Hulk, extracting the uniquely Banner elements from the Hulk's brain and cloning a new body for Banner.

Banner eventually leaves a video message for the Hulk in which he apologizes for his actions while they were separate, having come to recognize that he is a better person with the Hulk than without, [69] the two joining forces to thwart the Doombots' attempt to use the animals on Banner's irradiated island as the basis for a new gamma army using a one-of-a-kind gamma cure Banner had created to turn all the animals back to normal.

After the Hulk had suffered brain damage upon being shot in the head by the Order of the Shield- the assassin having been carefully trained to target Bruce at just the right part of the brain to incapacitate him without triggering a transformation- Iron Man used the Extremis to cure the Hulk.

Bruce temporarily experienced some of Tony Stark 's memories of their first meeting before either of them became the Hulk or Iron Man.

During this vision, Bruce witnessed Tony modifying the gamma bomb to be more effective prompting Bruce to realize that Tony was essentially responsible for him becoming the Hulk in the first place.

Later when he sided with Edwin Jarvis and tried to prevent his teammates from executing the Red Skull, the Hulk was thrown aside by Luke Cage.

The Hulk's sorrow at his friends' betrayal awakened a new persona known as the bloodthirsty Kluh described as the Hulk's Hulk, being the ruthless part of himself that even the Hulk repressed with this new version easily defeating the Avengers, sneering that the Hulk they knew was nothing more than a "sad piece of 'Doc Green's' ID.

With his newfound intellect, Doc Green came to the conclusion that the world was in danger by Gamma Mutates and thus needed to be depowered.

He developed a serum made from Adamantium nanobites that absorbed gamma energy. At the close of the storyline, Doc Green discovered that he was beginning to disappear as the result of the Extremis serum wearing off.

He ultimately allowed himself to fade away, returning to his normal Hulk form, as he feared that remaining at his current intellectual level would lead to him becoming the Maestro.

During the " Secret Wars " storyline, the Hulk took part in the incursion between Earth and Earth Flashbacks reveal that the Hulk had absorbed a dangerous new type of radiation while helping Iron Man and the Black Panther deal with a massive accident on Kiber Island.

Fearing the Hulk's meltdown would kill countless innocents, Cho was able to use special nanites to absorb the Hulk from Banner and take it into himself to become his own version of the Hulk, leaving Banner normal and free from the Hulk.

Having confirmed that he can no longer transform or sense the Hulk, Bruce spends some time travelling across America taking various risks such as driving at high speeds, running away from a bear, or gambling in Las Vegas, until he is confronted by Tony Stark out of concern that Bruce has a death wish.

Bruce instead acknowledges that he still harbors guilt and rage over how so many of the Hulk's rampages were provoked by various agencies refusing to leave him alone.

During the " Civil War II " storyline, the vision of the Inhuman Ulysses shows a rampaging Hulk standing over the corpses of the superheroes.

The confrontation leads to the Beast hacking into Banner's work servers and the revelation that he had been injecting himself with dead gamma-irradiated cells.

Director Maria Hill places him under arrest. Banner gets infuriated at all these events, when suddenly, Hawkeye shoots Banner with an arrow to the head and then to the heart, killing him, much to the dismay and horror of the superheroes, especially Tony Stark.

At an Avengers-presided tribunal, Hawkeye states that Bruce Banner had approached him and ordered him to kill him if he ever showed signs of turning into the Hulk again.

Following the funeral of Bruce Banner, the Hand in allegiance with Daniel Drumm's ghost steal Bruce Banner's body in order to use the dead to bolster their ranks.

Afterwards, Hulk regressed back to Bruce Banner and returned to the dead. During the " Secret Empire " storyline, Arnim Zola used an unknown method to temporary revive Bruce Banner where the Hydra Supreme version of Captain America persuades his Hulk side to attack the Underground's hideout called the Vault.

He fought Thing and Giant-Man 's A. Vengers until the temporary revival that Arnim Zola did to Bruce Banner started to wear off and cause Hulk to die again.

Hulk participated since he knew that Earth will be destroyed either way while his Bruce Banner suspects that Hulk's revivals were a manifestation of Hulk's immortality.

After feeling remorse for what happened, Bruce Banner became Hulk and faced off against Challenger. He came back to life and turned into Hulk where he badly beat up Tommy Hill.

The witnesses in the Dogs of Hell told Detective Gloria Mayes of the attacker as she and reporter Jackie McGee have a suspicion that it was Hulk even though Banner is believed to be dead.

A number of alternate universes and alternate timelines in Marvel Comics publications allow writers to introduce variations on the Hulk, in which the character's origins, behavior, and morality differ from the mainstream setting.

In some versions, the Hulk succumbs to the darker side of his nature: Like other long-lived characters, the Hulk's character and cultural interpretations have changed with time, adding or modifying character traits.

The Hulk is typically seen as a hulking man with green skin, wearing only a pair of torn purple pants that survive his physical transformation.

As the character progressed, other outfits were designed that could stretch to accommodate the transformations back and forth.

In Incredible Hulk 2, the Hulk started to appear with green skin, [95] and in Avengers 3 Banner realized that his transformations were now triggered by surges of adrenaline in response to feelings of fear, pain or anger.

During his decades of publication, Banner has been portrayed differently, but common themes persist. Banner, a physicist , is sarcastic and seemingly very self-assured when he first appears in Incredible Hulk 1, but is also emotionally withdrawn in most fashions.

Banner has been shown to be emotionally repressed, but capable of deep love for Betty Ross, and for solving problems posed to him. Under the writing of Paul Jenkins, Banner was shown to be a capable fugitive, applying deductive reasoning and observation to figure out the events transpiring around him.

On the occasions that Banner has controlled the Hulk's body, he has applied principles of physics to problems and challenges and used deductive reasoning.

It was shown after his ability to turn into the Hulk was taken away by the Red Hulk that Banner has been extremely versatile as well as cunning when dealing with the many situations that followed.

When he was briefly separated from the Hulk by Doom, Banner became criminally insane, driven by his desire to regain the power of the Hulk, but once the two recombined he came to accept that he was a better person with the Hulk to provide something for him to focus on controlling rather than allowing his intellect to run without restraint against the world.

The original Grey Hulk was shown as average in intelligence who roamed aimlessly and became annoyed at "puny" humans who took him for a dangerous monster.

Shortly after becoming the Hulk, his transformation continued turning him green, coinciding with him beginning to display primitive speech, [95] and by Incredible Hulk 4, radiation treatments gave Banner's mind complete control of the Hulk's body.

While Banner relished his indestructibility and power, he was quick to anger and more aggressive in his Hulk form and while he became known as a hero alongside the Avengers, his increasing paranoia caused him to leave the group, believing he would never be trusted.

Originally, the Hulk was shown as simple minded and quick to anger. Grest and Weinberg call Hulk the "dark, primordial side of Banner's psyche.

Hulk retains a modest intelligence, thinking and talking in full sentences, and Lee even gives the Hulk expository dialogue in issue six, allowing readers to learn just what capabilities Hulk has, when the Hulk says, "But these muscles ain't just for show!

All I gotta do is spring up and just keep goin'! Writers played with the nature of his transformations, [] briefly giving Banner control over the change, and the ability to maintain control of his Hulk form.

Artistically and conceptually, the character has become progressively more muscular and powerful in the years since his debut. Originally, Stan Lee wanted the Hulk to be grey but due to ink problems, Hulk's color was changed to green.

This was later changed in story to indicate that the Grey Hulk and the Savage Hulk are separate personalities or entities fighting for control in Bruce's subconscious.

The Grey Hulk incarnation can do the more unscrupulous things that Robert Bruce Banner could not bring himself to do, with many sources comparing the Grey Hulk to the moody teenager that Banner never allowed himself to be.

While the Grey Hulk still had the "madder he gets, the stronger he gets" part that is similar to the Savage Hulk, it is on a much slower rate.

Originally, the night is when Bruce Banner becomes the Grey Hulk and changes back by dawn. This form possesses the raw power of the Savage Hulk and the cunning intellect of the Grey Hulk.

While he doesn't draw on anger to empower him, the Gravage Hulk persona draws on dimensional nexus energies to increase his level. The Dark Hulk persona is the result of Hulk being possessed by Shanzar.

This form has black skin and is viciously strong. Convinced that unaided, the Banner, Green Hulk and Grey Hulk identities would eventually destroy each other, Doc Samson uses hypnosis to merge the three to create a new single identity combining Banner's intelligence with the Grey Hulk's and Banner's attitudes, and the Green Hulk's body.

This new or Merged Hulk considered himself cured and began a new life, but the merger was not perfect, and the Hulk sometimes still considered Banner a separate person, and when overcome with rage, the Merged Hulk would transform back into Banner's human body while still thinking himself the Hulk.

While in a calm emotional state, the Merged Hulk is stronger than Savage Hulk when he is calm. In addition, he is an expert in armed combat like the use of swords and shields.

Green Scar is also a capable leader and an expert strategist. Kluh is described as the Hulk's Hulk. This form has black skin, red lines, and a mohawk.

Kluh had incredible power where he bested the inverted Avengers and knocked around Nova and has normal intellect. Doc Green is a variation of the Merged Hulk persona that is the result of Extremis fixing Hulk's brain.

This persona is powerful enough to destroy Tony Stark's mansion with one thunderclap. Immortal Hulk is the result of Bruce Banner and Hulk having been through different deaths and rebirths.

This incarnation is articulate, smart, cunning, and does merciless attacks on those who do harm. Unlike the other Hulk incarnations, Immortal Hulk is content with waiting inside Bruce.

If Bruce is injured by sunset, the Immortal Hulk will emerge with his transformation being limited to night-time. Banner is considered one of the greatest scientific minds on Earth, possessing "a mind so brilliant it cannot be measured on any known intelligence test.

Using this knowledge, he creates advanced technology dubbed "Bannertech", which is on par with technological development from Tony Stark or Doctor Doom.

The fencing around the building, the piles of rubbish at the front and the numerous unopened letters strewn around the entrance may suggest otherwise.

One neighbour, who had put some fish in the swimming pool to reduce the number of mosquitoes, said something should be done about the house.

Skip to main content. Casino king's palace left to decay. Sunday, 24 February, , Related topics Stanley Ho Stanley Ho. Neglect of exclusive residence reflects a tragic period in Stanley Ho's family history Number 4 Shek O Headland stands crumbling and wild among a strip of palaces.

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The last tenants were the Early family. They moved out in February Jodie Early, who still lives in Shek O, said the house had been built in a stunning location.

The company is controlled by Stanley Ho's third wife. Neighbours have heard that the owners may move in soon. Most Popular Viewed 1. The man who has dined at more than 7, Chinese restaurants in the US.

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